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Weight loss

Trim the extra pounds, not your joy.

Shido tailors fitness & nutrition strategies to help you reach your ideal weight, sustainably and healthily.

Stress, anxiety & low mood

Feeling low? Shido is here to lift you up.

Our platform offers scientifically backed mental wellness techniques to manage stress, soothe anxiety, & uplift your mood.

Immune & gut health

Strengthen your first line of defence.

Shido guides you with diet & lifestyle changes to boost your immune system & promote a healthier gut.

Sleep & relaxation

Soothe your senses & boost your zzz’s.

Shido optimises your sleep routine & relaxation habits for improved rest & rejuvenation.

Energy & vitality

Don’t just survive, thrive!

Shido provides daily routines to boost your energy levels & enhance your zest for life.

Brain health, focus & memory

Sharpen your mind with Shido

Get personalised strategies to enhance cognitive function, improve concentration, & boost memory retention.

Increase your energy & vitality with Shido
By improving habits & following simple life hacks Shido helps people feel more invigorated & increase their energy levels within 90 days.
* Based on survey data from subscribers who use the app 3+ times a week

Shido users have seen amazing results in the following areas

Shido users see amazing results in the following areas

With expert-driven guidance powered by smart AI technology, we design a unique wellness program tailored to help you achieve your health goals.

How? Our app adjusts to your evolving needs, guiding you through managing stress, better sleep, enhancing brain health, & more.

With Shido, you’ll never walk your health journey alone.

Weight loss
Managing stress
Improving mental agility & remove brain fog
Sleeping better
Exercising more effectively
Managing allergies & chronic health conditions

Jumpstart your health transformation today

Experience Shido for free. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Your journey towards better health starts here & now.

Experience the combination of expert-driven coaching & smart AI with Shido.

What’s included?

Health assessmentDaily guideAllergy & air quality analysisFood scanning & insightsWeight trackerExpert advice Virtual coachFood & activity diaryNutriscore analysisMeal plansCourses & podcastsMeditation & fitness series

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Experience Shido for free. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

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Premium plan

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Success stories

See what our satisfied users have to say about their journey with Shido.


I’ve always struggled with weight loss, but Shido has been a game-changer for me. The personalised plans, expert advice, and daily motivation have helped me achieve my goals while feeling supported. Now I feel healthier and more confident!

John Skelly - User since 2021

John Skelly - User since 2021